Hi, I’m Ramón Jiménez

This is my website dedicated to my desire, as a Zero Trust Cybersecurity and Business Strategy Specialist Mentor, to share my best learnings and thus help them activate their intentions and turn them into reality through the practical and accelerated application of methodologies that I have tried. and i know they work.

I am a Genuine Mentor and Genuimentor is my way of expressing my real interest in helping others.

I live in Quito, Ecuador and my personal motto: Make things happen – Make it Happen

My Experience

I have lived many stages in my professional life looking for my passion and how to leave my mark, from an employee in one of the most important oil industries in the world, going through a migrant to a specialist in business strategy and content marketing.
My trajectory includes:
Duo Security Cybersecurity Specialist
Leader of high performance teams and Executive Coach
Sales of both products and services
Content Marketer and SEO

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Knowledge Areas I Want to Share:

Cybersecurity is today a very extensive area with many technological solutions that can become a very complex infrastructure to manage.

The intention of this page and in general of this website is to capture the technologies or reference frameworks that I consider vital for a successful Cybersecurity strategy.

As a Cybersecurity Specialist, I base myself on proven technologies that attack more than 80% of the threats and security breaches that exist today, I list them below and in the links of each section, you will have more detail.

confianza cero
Zero Trust

Zero Trust

Business security model that is based on the fact that to give access to an organization’s IT assets, you should not trust anyone or anything until trust is assigned through various mechanisms, which I mention below:
1- Establish trust in users
2- Establish trust in the access device
3- Secure access to each application

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Best Practices

Educación en Seguridad en la Red
Security Awareness

Security Awareness

A good Cybersecurity strategy both in the family and in companies considers technological factors and at the same time the human factor.
We gain nothing by having the best cybersecurity infrastructure if a user or family member falls for Phishing, reuses passwords or is harassed on social networks.
Hence the importance of having a user and family base that is aware of the cybersecurity risks that exist and that take actions to guarantee the security of information assets.

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seeguridad del email
Email Security

Email Security

Hackers seek to spread their attacks using email as the main means, in this case there are technologies that prevent the use of your email domains by malicious actors.
Here we talk about the global use of:

SPF: Sender Policy Framework
DKIM: DomainKeys Identified Mail
DMARC: Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance

These three technologies work together to fight against spoffing and phishing, and the ideal is to have services that help you understand the DMARC reports that are generated.
Among these services, one of the most outstanding is that of DMARCLY

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define tu modelo de negocio

Business Modeling and Planning

Define your business, your value proposition, your message (storytelling) and your ideal customer
Define where you want to go, improve your profitability, make your business lasting over time, focus on results.
The consistency you need to leverage your brand

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asesoría en marketing digital

Technology for Small Business

Online Presence, Effective Websites, Social Networks
Organic Advertising (SEO), Content Marketing
Collaboration tools Google Workspace

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